Release Day for The Tzohar Legacy!

Whew, the day is finally here!

I started researching this book in 2007! And it went through several versions before ending up the fun, adventurous tale it is today while maintaining its heart. Each version fleshed out a different aspect – making Belial less cartoonish, giving Zayde more of a story before the hospital, giving voice to certain Jewish values, adding locations.

So, why self-publish?

I queried many, many agents with this manuscript. My theory is that mainstream publishers don’t know what to do with a book with Jewish characters that isn’t really about them being Jewish. While I think this is a universal tale that any child can enjoy, publishers have to think about how to market a book and who to target. I didn’t make that easy.

As for Jewish publishers, well, they tend to focus on holidays and major rites of passage, like the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I didn’t want to focus on those things. I wanted to write a fantasy adventure that just happened to feature Jewish kids. Kids a bit like me and my own little brother. Kids like my own sons.

Anyway, I hope you and/or your kids enjoy my little tale of global adventure and hijinks. And I’d love if you could share the book or my posts with friends who have kids who might enjoy this book.

Thanks to my friends and family for joining me on this adventure!

Buy The Tzohar Legacy!


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3 responses to “Release Day for The Tzohar Legacy!

  1. Gail Aldous

    Congratulations, Vicki! I’m happy for you! I will definitely buy a copy. Looking forward to reading it and seeing those changes and hard work you put into it!

  2. Gail Aldous

    Vicki, is your book also available in print?

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