My life

I am the mom of two teenage boys, A-Read and Sprite, who love to read, ski, play musical instruments, and do tae kwon do.

I am a French teacher and a substitute teacher. Not only am I a francophile, but I love the idea of broadening childrens’ horizons. I’ve been lucky enough to live in France and Rwanda (in central Africa) and both places left an everlasting impression on me.

I am a foodie. Luckily for me, my husband (RocketMan) trained as a chef. We sometimes plan our travel around food. Favorites include sushi, authentic Mexican, French charcuterie and cheeses, Greek mezes, slow barbecue, street food from just about anywhere…

I am a reader, writer, and language buff. I love to read mysteries and well-written fiction for all ages (and the occasional non-fiction gem). Writing has given my imagination an outlet. New languages are my dream – I’m jealous of those people who fluently speak three or more. I’ve studied many but I’m only fluent in two.

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