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Support Your Favorite Author

Lisa Schroeder, author of Chasing Brooklyn (which I talked about here) and her newest release, The Day Before, is asking for the help of her fans. Barnes and Noble is not carrying her new book, so she asks everyone interested to please order it from their local B&N, and even from the library, to help the whole supply and demand issue. The more people request it, the more likely B&N will change their minds and decide to stock her book.

With the recent announcement of Borders closing for good, B&N is the only major commercial bookseller left for authors and readers alike. This goes for every author you love. If they don’t carry the book you want, order it and get the word out. B&N offers authors awesome exposure. Without that exposure, it is much harder for any given author to make this business work.

To help garner support, Lisa requests that you watch The Day Before book trailer and post it on your Facebook page or blog or wherever. Again, I encourage you to do this with any books and authors you love. Let’s help and support each other.

Anyone you want my readers to know about this week? Go ahead and post the author and book you want to support in the comments.



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