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Thanksgiving Abroad

As you probably know, we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the States last Thursday. Now that the holiday has passed, I am reminded of the Thanksgiving I spent in France when I was in college. Our school put on a special lunch for us at a fancy-pants restaurant in Paris. And it was fine.

But my roommate (let’s call her Mary, for the sake of protecting the innocent) and I had other plans for the holiday. The weekend before, we had met two French guys, one of whom was half-American (we’ll call him John, to protect myself), and they invited us to have Thanksgiving with them and the family of the whole-French guy (I’ll call him Pierre). So, yeah, we cooked a Thanksgiving meal in the kitchen of a family we’d never met before. Did I mention I was in college?

In between classes, because Thanksgiving is not a holiday in France, and that lunch the college planned, Mary and I shopped for obscure ingredients like cranberries. That’s not an obscure ingredient here in the States – especially here in the Northeast. But it sure was hard to find in Paris. And we had to come up with recipes from our heads. Luckily, Pierre took care of the turkey. It was just a turkey breast, and I think it might have already been stuffed with something really frou-frou French like spinach and herbs. But it was at least one thing we didn’t have to worry about.

We had a lovely meal. Mary did an awesome job – she did most of the cooking and I helped where I could. Pierre’s family was welcoming and appreciative. John kept looking at me a certain way and putting his arm across the back of my chair – but that’s for another story and I think that we just won’t go there. Our French Thanksgiving was memorable.

This year, RocketMan made a Turducken and it came out great. We had a lot of food, but leftovers are part of the holiday.

What was your most memorable holiday?



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