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Revision Resources

As I prepare to revise “Sophie and the Medallion of Time”, I have gathered the following online resources to help me in the process. This variety of methods really runs the gamut. You may find one tedious that another writer swears by. But I have enjoyed seeing all the different revision methods, from published authors, agents, other aspiring writers, and how-to sites.

*The QueryTracker blog’s 11-part roadmap to jumpstart your editing, including setting goals, line-editing, beta-readers and more.

*More from the QueryTracker blog:  9 Steps to Plot (or Revise) Your Novel. This helped me make sure I had started my WIP in the right place.

*Suite101’s questions to help you see if your plot has enough conflict and tension before finer-tuning.

*eHow’s How to edit a novel manuscript in 7 steps.

*Author Alex Sokoloff, guest blogging on the Blood Red Pencil, gives her top ten things she knows about editing, including joining a critique group, reading the entire manuscript out loud, and borrowing the dramatic structure from films.

*Editorial consultant Holt gives her list of the mistakes writers don’t see, including using crutch words or phrases, and phony dialogue.

*Author Laurie Halse Anderson maps out each chapter and every scene to track the arc of all the major characters.

*Agent Sara Crowe discusses character development by making a character’s first impression work for you.

*Agent Nathan Bransford offers a long checklist to make sure your manuscript hits all the important points, such as “Is your voice consistent?” and “Is the pacing correct for your genre?”

*Shari Green’s Fix-it Fridays offered revision tips from authors such as Sara Zarr, D.L. Garfinkle, Kelly Parra and Maggie Stiefvater.

*Mystery writer Elizabeth S. Craig tells us things to look for after finishing a draft, like a consistent voice, pacing and linear plot.

*More help from Elizabeth S. Craig. This time Signs Something isn’t Working in your first draft, like too much or too little conflict, or an unlikable protagonist.

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