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Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger AwardThanks to Jen Bee, the Tea Wren, for passing this award on to me. Now, to fulfill the requirements of the award I must share 7 facts about myself:

1. I have temporary obsessions like learning Greek or Spanish or to play the guitar, or crocheting beaded bracelets, and then I move on to the next obsession after about 3 to 8 weeks. Current obsession is knitting. It’s hard to read and knit at the same time, however.

2. My favorite protein is shrimp, except when I was pregnant, in which case my favorite source of protein was milk shakes and frozen yogurt. I’m lactose intolerant (bonus fact), and when I was pregnant was the only time I could naturally digest milk products. It was wonderful.

3. My husband and I pick travel locations based on food expectations, most recently Croatia which had amazing pizza and cured meats. Favorite foodie destination so far: Oaxaca, Mexico. Moles, anticuchos, carnitas, tacos al pastor…

4. I spent the summer after freshman year of college working in Paris for a software company, at which time I became fluent and read Hemingway in French (For Whom the Bell Tolls, of all things), discovered merguez sausage and pizza with an egg on top, and learned enough curse words so as not to smile when someone used them on me.

5. I am not enjoying my sons’ obsession with bodily functions. I grew up in a refined household where even the men kept their noises and smells to themselves. Why are burps (not to mention the other words and functions that come up at the dinner table) so dang funny? I don’t get it.

6. I miss singing. In my younger days, I could fill an empty house or apartment with top-of-the-lungs renditions of Linda Ronstadt, 1980’s pop, and Les Mis songs. Now I rarely get to spend time in an empty house, and when I do, I usually have some writing/plotting/revising to do. Or cleaning.

7. I went to a Waldorf school for 4 years, which is how I got started playing the oboe and learning French. If it hadn’t been for that school, I wouldn’t have sewn a unicorn and a nightdress, made an egg and a pestle in wood shop, knitted socks, learned to play the recorder and the violin, started learning German before college, or taken the movement class called Eurythmy. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed Eurythmy, but I minded it less than my classmates, maybe because I love dance (ooh, another bonus fact!).

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