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NaNo Update 3

So I had an interesting weekend. First I conquered Nano and then I finished my manuscript. Uh, yeah.


I have a complete draft of Rachel, which has already been shoved in a drawer until about February. Now I have so much else to catch up on, like revising Tzohar.

And of course there’s Thanksgiving. RocketMan is making a Turducken. That’s where you stuff a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey with 3 different layers of stuffing. Yes, he’s crazy that way.

I’m also looking forward to the long weekend with family and taking a tiny break from writing. I just started reading Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens, which I won from Julie Musil, Lisa Gail Green, and Leslie Sulli Rose. Thanks, Ladies! You rock!

And because Libba is one of the coolest cats and wittiest writers around, my book is signed thusly:

For the Illustrious Contest Winner –
(so very personal)
Clearly, you are superior. Congrats.
❤ Libba Bray

Clearly, I will cherish this book always. Last night I actually laughed out loud in bed (LOLIB?) when the Teen Dream contestant from Mississippi started spelling her state and had to give up. And then another character described the Vietnam War as the time “When the Vietnamese got kids hooked on drugs and we had to fight a war to stop it.” OMG, too funny. Okay, clearly, I think everyone should read this book. But only if you like to laugh. And read.

Whose signature are you most proud to have?



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March Pages Workshop and Hand Warmers

Martina from Adventures in Children’s Publishing and author Lisa Gail Green are hosting a March online workshop on the first five pages. I was lucky enough to be one of only five entrants. Last Saturday our first five pages were posted for critique. We then spent last week revising. The revisions for four of us are posted now. Feel free to check out my entry and leave a comment. While there, you can visit the other entries by looking in the right-hand navigation panel for links to the other three (mine is #1).

Thanks so much to Martina and Lisa, and everyone who commented, for their help!

On a different note, below are two of the three different pairs of mitts I crocheted myself this winter to keep my hands warm while I write. I also made a pair in brown and I started a pair in navy blue that I didn’t finish. In addition to these I made a black pair for my best librarian friend, a pink pair for my best New Jersey friend, and four pairs in various colors for some of the boys in my life. For a time they were calling them ninja gloves.

Long White Shell Pattern Mitts

I live in the northeast and we keep our house cooler during the day to cut down on energy costs, so I absolutely need the mitts to make typing bearable in the winter. My other “trick” is to drink lots of hot tea.

Cuffed Black Mitts with Bead Detailing

What do you do to get through the winter?


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