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A Tween Experience

This summer we hosted our 12-year-old nephew for two weeks.

He loves to read, too. He arrived with Return of the King, having just read the first two books of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at his grandparents’ house. He quickly moved on to one of the Heir books by Cinda Williams Chima. Then a book I had reserved for him after reading about it in Publisher’s Weekly, X-Isle by Steve Augarde. Then he picked out The Chaos Code by Justin Richards. Then I bought him The Hunger Games (I was shocked he hadn’t already read that).

He liked everything, but especially The Chaos Code and The Hunger Games. In fact, he keeps raving about The Hunger Games (Yippee! Another convert! They are making a movie of this – if you have not already read it, do so now).

But in between those last two books, we hit a wall. I picked various books off the library’s YA shelves. Some he rejected just from the title, others after reading the inside flap. Then we went downstairs to the middle grade section and we had the same problem. He had already read all that he wanted to read (with the exception of The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan which was unfortunately already out).

He would not consider any contemporary fiction. I was shocked at the number of good boy books he is missing out on. He says he only reads contemporary fiction he has to read for school.


Well, we must choose our battles and at least he loves to read. But I couldn’t believe he would rather leave the library empty-handed.

Have you had a similar experience with a reader close to your heart? What did you do?



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