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Banned Books Week 2010

This year, one of my favorite young adult books is under attack: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. A professor in Missouri thinks this well-written book about how a girl deals with sexual assault is pornographic. Click here for details.

That leaves me sad, angered and somewhat speechless. So below are some Banned Books Week resources and articles.

*From the New York Times, some ways to celebrate the week.

*YA author Beth Revis has this to say on the subject.

*Guest blog by Adam Russell Stephens on Shannon Mayer’s blog.

*Ingrid Sundberg shares quotes about censorship and things to do this week.

*YA authors Lisa and Laura Roecker will donate one copy of Speak for every comment on this blog post. They also talk about what this book has meant to them.

I encourage you to read books for yourself to form your own opinion. I encourage you to speak out for what you believe.


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