Summer update

Well, gosh, I sure didn’t mean to let almost 2 months go by without a post. But here’s how that happened:

  • A bunch of my freelance nonfiction projects for kids published.
  • I tried my hand at ghostwriting. (Yuck. No more.)
  • Experimentally queried a middle grade project with too narrow an audience.
  • Personal and family health issues.
  • Work has been overwhelming. Staff move or go to grad school and I fill in.

So, here’s what I’m up to now:

  • Revising a young adult project.
  • Shuttling kids to and from camps.
  • Shuttling kids to and from library to borrow books, be a book buddy, and give reports in the summer reading program.
  • A-Read is enjoying Jasper Fforde and Stuart Gibbs.
  • Sprite is enjoying his first Stuart Gibbs.
  • Work continues to overwhelm.
  • Not all health issues are resolved.

What’s keeping you busy this summer?



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2 responses to “Summer update

  1. dksalerni

    We had plenty planned for this month — what with Eldest Daughter working 2 jobs and playing in the pit orchestra of the local community theater program and Younger Daughter in marching band practice. We also agreed to host a foreign exchange student, so we planned lots of activities for her — keeping us on our toes daily. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away, bringing much grief, the bittersweet joy of out-of-town relatives gathered for a sad occasion, and the equally bittersweet emptying of his house, which renewed many happy memories. And then there were some revision/edits with a short deadline. So July has been stressful and fun, all mixed together.

  2. Sounds busy! Haven’t met anyone yet who loves ghostwriting. lol. But good for you, trying it out!

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