The Dreaded Synopsis

I’m currently in the process of spiffing up the synopsis of one of my manuscripts, so I thought I’d share the best advice I’ve received lately: The Essential 10 from YAtopia.

Good luck to all those in the query trenches!

What are you currently spiffing up?



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5 responses to “The Dreaded Synopsis

  1. Great advice! Sometimes, I read the backs of a bunch of books for the same target audience, the same genre. This motivates me to add in that spunk. Good-luck!!!!

  2. Oh, the synopsis. I suppose one positive about self-publishing is that a synopsis isn’t totally necessary,(unless, unlike me the writer really needs one). I tend to just go for it. When I was submitting, it was the worst part of the process, oh and the dreaded query of course. This is good advice, though. If ever I query again, I’ll definitely use this list, and say a prayer!

  3. Leslie Rose

    I HATE writing synopses. They give me hives. This list takes some of the sting away. Good luck with yours.

  4. Thanks for the link! I can always use another article on synopses in my arsenal. Good luck with yours!!

  5. Good luck with your revisions! I don’t mind writing a synopsis but query letters, ugh…

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