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Coming Together for Change


I’m very excited to announce the publication of one of my freelance projects, one tiny book in a very large series for schools, aligned to the Common Core.





I wrote this book 3-1/2 years ago, and I’ve worked on a number of other projects since then, but all of them have a pen name on them.  So this is the only thing I have, so far, with my real name. Please forgive my excitement.





I couldn’t help asking RocketMan to take some pictures of me receiving my books. Someday, I will post pictures of my published dream projects. *wink wink*

What are you proud of today?





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Welcome to 2015!

How did it get to be the end of March already?! And now, where do I start?

My day job has been crazy since late summer. I look forward to when things will slow down, but that never seems to happen.

My boys are growing and reading and changing. A-Read is currently reading our signed copy of Jasper Fforde’s The Last Dragonslayer. Sprout is reading The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan.

Two freelance projects came out in the fall and 2 more are due in the next six weeks. Me with my first published book!

Audiobooks have continued to save my sanity, but I’ve taken a break this month to participate in a 30 Day French Immersion Challenge at work. Now I spend my commute listening to podcasts in French.

I have been writing. A middle grade manuscript is steeping and I’m revising a young adult manuscript.

And I have been reading. A friend and I are concentrating on characterization this year, so I’ve been analyzing YA novels and reading writing books that focus on character.

Okay, friends, what’s new with you in this new year (that’s not so new anymore – oops)?


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