I’ve been conducting an informal experiment.

My part-time day job has been more hours than I signed up for since September and has included a 5-day commute. Somewhere around November, the commute started wearing on me. It was great, at first, to have alone time to think about writing and plotting and revising. And to listen to my favorite tunes. Little by little, I no longer appreciated the alone time to plot and sing along to P!nk and Amel Bent. I felt so unproductive.

An idea had been brewing for a while but I kept forgetting to figure out the details. Maybe because once at home, I was juggling kid activities with kid needs and writing whenever I could. Finally, last weekend, I discovered that my public library loans out audiobooks through Overdrive.

My once unproductive commute is now for listening to We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Yay!  we were liars cover

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to process the words the same way. That I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and would miss stuff. Or that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the road.

Worries, schmurries.

It’s been great. And I’ve gotten into the story just as much as I do when I’m reading. I think about the story when I’m not in the car. I miss it over the weekend.

Most of all, I’m so excited to have found a way to read for an extra hour every day!

Do you listen to audiobooks? What’s your favorite thing about them?



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9 responses to “Audiobooks

  1. I love listening to audiobooks while I’m commuting. It makes the drive seem so much shorter, and sometimes, I sit in the parking lot an extra few minutes to listen to the end of a scene or chapter. Do you do that?

  2. Gail Aldous

    I don’t listen to audiobooks, but for years I have wanted to take a class to learn how to be the narrator of one. I love to read aloud and miss reading to children aloud.
    Great idea to make use of your time, How was We are Liars?

  3. dksalerni

    I have occasionally listened to audiobooks on long car rides with my husband, but we haven’t done so in a long time. Perhaps over Spring Break, when we plan to drive to Vermont for skiing.

    • Vicki Tremper

      My husband and I don’t have similar enough taste in books to listen together, and the boys are still too young to hear some things. But at least it helps my commute pass quickly. But the boys and I could all listen to The Eighth Day together! 😀

  4. Awesome! Yes, with migraines, I can’t always read, so I listen; sometimes audio books, sometimes my Kindle or computer read them to me in a somewhat unsexy voice. lol. Us addicts know how to get our fixes.

    • Vicki Tremper

      Yes, those darn migraines. I never thought to listen to a book when I can’t read. Usually I can still read through a migraine. Enjoy those sexy voices!

  5. I don’t listen to audiobooks, but have listened to the “somewhat unsexy” voice of Kindle many, many times. Having a book read to me is so convenient. It has made many monotonous tasks pass by as pleasant time. 🙂

    Good post!

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