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Connections? Or hard work?

First, you need to go read this post by Rick Riordan. I’ll wait while you do.

La di dah di dum dum doooo.


His post resonated with me. It took him 17 years to get published and it all depended on his craft. I especially liked the part about those who doubt themselves and are always trying to improve are most likely to.

And talk about timing! I happen to be reading one of his books right now. A-Read insisted I read The Lost Hero, first in the Heroes of Olympus series. I very much enjoyed the Percy Jackson books, so I figured, why not? And I must say, I’m having trouble putting this book down. From the first page, he had me hooked.

Riordan claims not to have any magic, but he does. And maybe someday I will, too. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing: reading and writing. Maybe someday I’ll write something publishable. And readable.

And I don’t know. I guess it’s human nature that misery loves company. It makes me feel a little better that Rick Riordan says writing is hard and that he has banged his head against the walls of publishing. It’s nice to know that someone so successful didn’t get there overnight. He really worked at it.

Thank goodness I like my job and am not looking for writing to replace my income stream. I just want to write. If it makes me some money, then great, but I just want to share my stories with people who want to read them.

It’s nice to know that it really isn’t about who you know. It’s about working. Working at my writing. That I can do.



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