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I came across this letter from E.B. White about why he wrote Charlotte’s Web. (Thanks to Susanna Leonard Hill for sharing this!) spider web for blog

Then RocketMan came home from a camping trip with this picture, which immediately made me think of E.B. White and Charlotte and his little spider friends. And, it’s a gorgeous photo. (Click on it to see a larger version to really appreciate the beauty of the spider web.)

Separately, searching blogs recently for an energy bar recipe made me want to make kale chips in my dehydrator. So I bought a bunch of kale. The next day, Sprite and I went blueberry picking. Then my brother hurt his back and he told me he makes kale, beet, ginger, apple, orange juice every morning, and especially now to help detox his liver from all the meds. So, all of this together inspired me to try a blueberry and kale smoothie. I liked the taste of the smoothie, but I didn’t appreciate all the tiny green bits left in my teeth afterward.

The result of all that inspiration was not as successful as E.B. White’s inspiration. But at least I tried. What if Mr. White became fascinated with spiders and farming and the ethics of killing something you’ve raised and connected with, but didn’t write Charlotte’s Web?

Who cares if your inspiration comes from a gorgeous photo, current events, or some crazy idea that hits you in the shower? If you don’t try writing it, it can never be anything at all. But if you do try, maybe it will become a beloved classic. Or at least a published book you can hold in your hands and feel proud of when you tell your friends and family.

Let the crazy ideas come.

Do the work.

Don’t give up.



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