Meaningful Monday

Summer is slow in publishing. I’ve been taking advantage of the fact to keep a low profile online. This summer has not been slow for me. My kids are home, I’m still working part time and teaching, and I have freelance projects with looming deadlines. And yes, I am still finding time to work on my fiction. I’m currently revising a MG adventure.

So, as long as things are slow (in the rest of the world), I thought I’d share a few links that meant something to me.

First, here’s an awesome blog post from one of my favorite authors, Libba Bray. In this post, she shows all us writers who are struggling to produce publishable work, that she is one of us. That just because she has published multiple books doesn’t mean she doesn’t still struggle with each one. Reading her post helped me keep the faith.

(Speaking of keeping the faith, Keep the Faith is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs and I will get to hear it LIVE tonight!)

This next one is meaningful in a lighter way. I only came across it late last week. Examples from Disney movies illustrate certain literary techniques. I don’t agree with all the examples chosen, so let me know your thoughts in the comments below. However, the post amused me and I appreciated someone going to the trouble to show, rather than tell, these techniques.

What is meaningful to you today?



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12 responses to “Meaningful Monday

  1. I am so glad you pointed me to Libba Bray’s blog post today!

    Because just last night I was thinking somebody at HarperCollins messed up big time trusting me to write a series, because Book 3 doesn’t want to be written. (And by written, I mean outlined, because I haven’t even tried to write the first line yet. Wasn’t Scrivener supposed to fix that outlining deficiency in me? Wasn’t the Snowflake Method supposed to do it? And that other one, I forget the name … Clearly, I am not cut out to play with the Big Kids …)

    Hearing that Libba Bray feels the same way I do about her current recalcitrant story … gives me hope, (temporarily) stops me sniveling, and reminds me that the story itself will show me the way *when it is damn good and ready.*

    Thank you!

    • Vicki Tremper

      This is the best reaction I could have hoped for. I’m glad it helped you, Dianne. Good luck with that darn book 3!

  2. Thanks for that Disney link. It pointed out a lot of things I was already aware of but just didn’t know. I have to say I slightly disagree with the Bamby one but then again I was one of those kids traumatized for life. lol
    Oh and thanks for Libba Bray’s link.

    • Vicki Tremper

      Yeah, I think they could have come up with a better example of foreshadowing. Oh well. Yes, several generations of kids were traumatized by Bambi. Sorry to bring it up all over again for you.

  3. I enjoyed the Disney link, but it made me think about how knowing those moments and what they are called kinda ruins the magic. lol.
    Hope the concert was good. Have a super summer, girl!

    • Vicki Tremper

      You and your magic. The concert was great, and a lot of fun, but they didn’t play Keep the Faith. It was rather disappointing.

  4. Writing is a grind at every stage. I truly believe that. But it’s a worthwhile grind. 🙂

    Post about the concert! Did they at least play “I’ll Be There For You”? 😀

    • Vicki Tremper

      No, they didn’t play I’ll be there for you. Only a few of their classics (including Living on a Prayer), plus a few of their newer stuff, and a few covers with the tour’s back up band (Kings of Suburbia – who have an awesome fiddler who rocks a violin like no one else I’ve ever seen). Teenage Wasteland was ah-may-zinggg.

  5. LOL! Your second link reminded me of an article on what Disney stories are really teaching women. It was awful, but hilarious at the same time. Why is that so often the case with life?

  6. Ooh! Hope you had fun at the Bon Jovi concert! And, yes, I LOVED Libba Bray’s blog post, too. It was inspiring. Though I admit it also scared me, because if someone so amazing is having so much trouble, is there hope for the rest of us?

  7. Oh my goodness, I never realized what a perfect foil Gaston was to Beast!

    i thought these were all pretty good examples, which ones did you think didn’t fit?

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