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Meaningful Monday

Summer is slow in publishing. I’ve been taking advantage of the fact to keep a low profile online. This summer has not been slow for me. My kids are home, I’m still working part time and teaching, and I have freelance projects with looming deadlines. And yes, I am still finding time to work on my fiction. I’m currently revising a MG adventure.

So, as long as things are slow (in the rest of the world), I thought I’d share a few links that meant something to me.

First, here’s an awesome blog post from one of my favorite authors, Libba Bray. In this post, she shows all us writers who are struggling to produce publishable work, that she is one of us. That just because she has published multiple books doesn’t mean she doesn’t still struggle with each one. Reading her post helped me keep the faith.

(Speaking of keeping the faith, Keep the Faith is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs and I will get to hear it LIVE tonight!)

This next one is meaningful in a lighter way. I only came across it late last week. Examples from Disney movies illustrate certain literary techniques. I don’t agree with all the examples chosen, so let me know your thoughts in the comments below. However, the post amused me and I appreciated someone going to the trouble to show, rather than tell, these techniques.

What is meaningful to you today?



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