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May Updates

Sprite finished the 10 Captain Underpants books and has gone back to the Magic Tree House books. He’s currently reading #25, about Shakespeare. He’s looking forward to giving the first Harry Potter a try this summer, since his brother started Harry Potter at this age.

A-Read is taking a break from Lord of the Rings. He finished a historical fantasy about the Three Musketeers and is now reading a MG fantasy (The Shadows from The Books of Elsewhere series). He’s halfway through and told me last night that it’s great. He’s looking forward to reading the last Harry Potter this summer.

I’m reading Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein. I gave in to the pressure, even though I didn’t really want to read yet another book about World War II. I’m about halfway and I’m very glad I gave in. The research is astounding and the main character definitely has my attention. My stomach twists in anticipation of the plot twists to come.

As for writing, I’m working on a couple of freelance projects and revising a YA novel.

How’s your May?



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