My Littlest Reader

I knew this day would come. I knew someday my younger child would love to read. He spent almost 7 years watching his family read and talk about books. When he started learning to read, I knew it was just a matter of time. But it hit me the other day, when he woke up at 5:30 AM to go to the bathroom and then decided to read instead of going back to sleep, that he had arrived.

He is a reader like the rest of us.

So now, he finally gets his own nickname on this blog: Sprite. I think it captures his cuteness and his sense of wonder.

What book had Sprite reading so early in the morning? Captain Underpants #8. Sigh. Capt Underpants 9 cvr

He also loves the Magic Tree House books, but he stopped at #18 to finish up the Captain Underpants series. Despite my discomfort with the subject matter (I will NEVER understand the intense humor in potty situations), these books have helped him jump three reading levels in a couple of months. And I know that as soon as he finishes book 10, he’ll go back to the Magic Tree House books. He even has the next several already waiting on his bedside table.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll update you on A-Read’s current reading list. In the meantime, what’s your child’s favorite book you love to hate?

(Oh, and Happy Poisson d’avril!)



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10 responses to “My Littlest Reader

  1. I just want to say, “Welcome to the wonders and worlds of reading, Sprite!” It’s so cool to read this post. How fun to celebrate the fact that he’s arrived. Books I love but hate? Junie B. Jones. They get girls reading because Junie is so silly.

  2. Gail Aldous

    Yay, Sprite! Congratulations! I knew he would love to read as the rest of your family does. And, a fitting blog name! A series that both of my girls read and loved that I love to hate was Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We all loved because it about cats, but then the plots became too repeitive.

    Both my daughters and I love Junie B. Jones! In fact, Junie B. is probably my favorite character because her honesty and straight forwardness is so hysterical. Both of my girls and I have loved the adventures of the Magic Tree House series, also.

  3. That’s so awesome! Truly a momentous day. 🙂

    Side note: You’re not doing A-Z this year? Neither am I, and I’m thinking all three of us who aren’t participating ought to post pictures of us at the beach drinking cold drinks or something to taunt them. lol

  4. My youngest is a voracious reader, but she’s almost 13, so not very little anymore. My older daughter claims to be too busy to read — too busy WRITING. She has been working on an epic fantasy novel for about 3 years now, but I can’t get her to READ. I keep telling her writers must read to hone their craft, but she says reading just makes her jealous. Erg. Any suggestions?

  5. Oh, how exciting! Hmm, can’t think of one I don’t like… but Sprite might enjoy Gaiman’s book Chu’s Day!

  6. Potty humor will never cease to amuse the little kid world. 🙂 Those books also made their way through my household.

  7. Margo Berendsen

    Oh, I love your nickname for him, Sprite. My kids’ blog nicknames are Blaze (a bright, willful, determine spirit), Dreamer, Serious and Starlet. My 11 year old has taken forever to become a reader. She’s just a late bloomer. She’s blowing through the Harry Potters right now, confesses she can’t wait to get home to get back to reading. Love it!!! The others might be late bloomers too.

  8. Well, as you know, Captain Underpants is our fav read. It is silly, and very well done. Won my little guy over too and got him reading English books.

    What book did I love to hate? Had to be the Babysitters club. We were reading them together and out of nowhere was a chapter on a subject we had not yet discussed… um… well, it got us talking about it. !!!

  9. My son liked both series of books and it helped him leave the reluctant reader phase. I’d also recommend the Splurch Academy books by Julie Berry Lots of pictures and funny. And no potty humor.

  10. My daughter loves the Magic Tree House books, too! She’s just learning how to read, so we have to read them to her (or get them on audio), but it’s a great series. The one I love to hate is a Bad Kitty chapter book, Bad Kitty Takes a Bath. For a kid who can read on his or her own, it’d be great because there are funny sidebars & jokes for older kids. But I tried reading it aloud to her the other day, & it was just obnoxious. She’s not ready for the jokes and the engaging little sidenotes. Oh well, we’ll save it for when she’s reading on her own!

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