It’s that time of year again. When the multi-colored leaves fall to the ground and get mulched by mowers or crunched by feet and tires. When flames blaze in fireplaces. When little hands wrap around mugs of hot chocolate, anticipating the coming snow.

And when hundreds of thousands of writers all over the world hunker down to spew out 50,000 words.

Yup, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins in a matter of days. And yup, I will participate again this year.

Last year, my kids were in school all day and I didn’t have a regular job—just a couple of French classes here and there. I had lots of time. I spit out between 2000 and 5000 words every day for 3 weeks. And every night I slept like a log.

This year will be different. This year my kids are still in school all day, but they each have a variety of afterschool activities that require me to drop them off, pick them up, and sometimes hang out somewhere without access to my laptop. This year I have a job that fills almost all my kid-free hours. I will probably not sleep. Let’s just come to terms with that right now.

My project this year is a YA called The Woods. It was not inspired by any books I’ve read, but rather by a ballet and the Eastern European myths on which the ballet is based. My main character reminds me of a character from a SyFy channel show RocketMan and I like to watch, but with different layers and different sources of depth. The Woods has a contemporary setting and might be Magical Realism.

What does November mean to you?



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2 responses to “November

  1. Sounds like fun! Good luck.

    To me, November means I survived the hell that is October. lol. Almost there. I like to just enjoy the moment.

  2. The premise of your story sounds so interesting!
    Good luck with NaNo. I’ve got a day job but no kids… and yet there still never seems to be any time!

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