Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: Revenge of the Witch

Author Shannon Whitney Messenger began Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays a while back. If you love middle grade literature, check out her blog on Mondays for a list of other sites featuring MG books.

Today I’ll talk about Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice, Book 1) by Joseph Delaney. 

From Goodreads: For years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil. Now his time is coming to an end. But who will take over for him? Twenty-nine apprentices have tried—some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay alive.

Only Thomas Ward is left. He’s the last hope, the last apprentice.

From Vicki: Doesn’t that sound like a movie trailer?

Since you deserve a bit more of a plot summary, I asked a reader close to my heart. A-Read has read this plus the next 2 books in the series, so I asked him how he would describe Revenge of the Witch. He said, “I don’t remember what happens except that Tom has to face a witch named Mother Malkin.” That doesn’t tell you much, but it doesn’t spoil anything either. However, I think it tells you something that he kept reading the series.

This is a mildly scary read about the 7th son of a 7th son whose mother—hiding secrets of her own—apprentices him to the county Spook, the man responsible for containing or destroying local ghosts, ghasts, witches, and boggarts. Poor Tom has to leave the family farm to follow around a stranger who doesn’t talk much and who will undoubtedly lead him into danger. A girl who barely steps out of the woods might help him feel less homesick. Or she might lead him deeper into danger.

This is one of my favorite middle grade reads of the year. I wish I had more time to read the next books in the series like A-Read. Someday.

What do you wish you had time to read this year?



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7 responses to “Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: Revenge of the Witch

  1. I wish I had time to read more 2012 debuts this year.

  2. “one of my favorite…” Those are strong words! 😀 Sounds great.

  3. How perfect for Halloween season is this!

  4. I just checked out your NaNoWriMo novel for this year – “In the Woods” – was this book partial inspiration? Or coincidence, probably. A mysterious girl in the woods – and all kinds of spooky creatures, but what really made me prick my ears was your endorsement of “favorite this year”. Have you read Sabriel by Garth Nix? It’s a spooky one too, just finished reading it and LOOooooooveD it!

    • Vicki Tremper

      Nope, not inspiration. I came up with The Woods before I read Revenge of the Witch. No spooky creatures, contemp setting, so very different. My 10/29/12 post will give a little more info about my NaNo project. Thanks for the book rec, Margo!

  5. Even the cover looks incredibly fun! Thanks for the summaries. Sounds interesting.

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