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I’m Back

So you may have noticed I haven’t been around much (here, on your blogs, on Twitter) for the past month. If you didn’t notice, I’m sorry but I’m just too busy to get upset. That would have upset me two months ago since I have a need to be liked and missed and stuff. But now, as I said, I’m too busy.

About a month ago I got a new job. It’s related to French-teaching, not writing, but it’s the job I’ve been waiting for since my youngest son went to school full time. You know, the job I could feel good about. The job I could get passionate about. The job that didn’t put my education and experience to waste.

On top of the new job, I’m still taking care of my kids and making sure they do their homework and feeding them when my husband is away and laundering their clothes. And stuff. Among the “and stuff” is the sweater I’m crocheting for A-Read. I’m currently on the second sleeve so it’s almost done. But then I have to make a sweater for #2 son (gosh, I still don’t have a suitable nickname for him).

And I’m still reading. Of course. I couldn’t live without reading. And I’m still writing, but at a much slower pace than ever before.

I had started a new wip just before I got the new job and I’m still really excited about this new book. It’s different than anything else I’ve ever written. The main character is more different from me than any other character I’ve ever written. I’m allowing it to happen in dribs and drabs for now, but I plan to do NaNo again this year. And I WILL finish the wip in November.

Yup. You heard it here.

So what have you all been up to in the past month? Tell me about all your wonderful projects, whether reading, writing, or crafty, or whatever. I’m hungry for your news.



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