Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: Cabinet of Earths

This is my 201st post. I missed my 200th post, so we’ll celebrate at the next milestone. For now, enjoy Number 201!

Middle Grade Author Shannon Whitney Messenger began Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays a while back. If you love middle grade literature, check out her blog on Mondays for a list of other sites featuring MG books.

Today I’ll talk about Cabinet of Earths by Anne Nesbet.

From Goodreads: On their first day in Paris, Maya and her little brother, James, find themselves caught up in some very old magic. Houses with bronze salamanders for door handles, statues that look too much like Maya’s own worried face, a man wearing sunglasses to hide his radiant purple eyes . . . nothing is what it seems. And what does all that magic want from Maya?

With the help of a friendly boy named Valko, Maya discovers surprises hidden in her family tree. And now the shimmering glass Cabinet of Earths, at the heart of all these secrets, has chosen Maya to be its new Keeper.

As she untangles the ties between the Salamander House, the purple-eyed man, and the Cabinet of Earths, Maya realizes that her own brother may be in terrible danger. To save him, Maya must take on the magical underworld of Paris . . . before it is too late.

From Vicki: First, thanks to Akoss Ket for highlighting this book on her blog and bringing it to my attention. So, of course I had to read this: Paris, magic, purple eyes. And how cool is that cover?

Maya’s story is easy to follow and I enjoyed her friendship with Valko, her struggle to fight the magic for her brother’s sake, and the setting (of course!). The writing is a bit old-fashioned, but that fits the story.

What’s your favorite magical adventure set in a distant real-world land?



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10 responses to “Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: Cabinet of Earths

  1. This all sounds very magical!

    I loved the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe when I was little. It sounded like a great world!

  2. I gotta check this out!

  3. Anne is awesome! Great choice.

  4. Leslie Rose

    Yep. Gotta grab this for my classroom library. I second Narnia as a cool story place, but Neverland is my true love.

  5. Catherine Johnson

    Congrats on 200+ posts! Sounds like a great read.

  6. Happy 200th and 201st post!

    Looks like my kind of book. My daughter too. I’m looking it up. Thanks!

  7. Congratulations on the 200+ post! This book sound good. Thanks for posting!

  8. Sounds like a great read. I love any thing from C.S. Lewis.

  9. HAPPY 201ST POST! I love bloggers that review books. There are so many out there I’d miss otherwise. I don’t read my Middle Grade, but I like to keep track of what’s out there for my students and kids…for someday! christy

  10. From Akoss to you to me . . . this looks right up my alley! Thanks for passing along. I haven’t been able to do the MGM rounds lately.

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