My Kids and Books

Here are some excerpts from a post I wrote on the blog in 2009.

My six-year-old son started reading this Spring. We started with the basics – Dr. Seuss. He was so proud when he finished Green Eggs & HamThe Cat in the Hat took about three nights. He picked and chose pages in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

But he kept coming back to Green Eggs & Ham. He read it to my parents at Passover. He read it during a family camping trip to all his big cousins. He takes it out on the deck in nice weather to read to himself.

For a school assignment, we raided the little one’s bookshelves for Eric Carle and PD Eastman. Now we have moved on to the easy to read section at the library.

That six-year-old was later dubbed A-Read and is now about to turn 9. He has moved from Dr. Seuss to Shel Silverstein, from Eric Carle to Brandon Mull.

“The little one” is now 6 and reading, and raiding A-Reads bookshelves. This year at Passover he read my parents Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems and last night he started one of his big brother’s favorites from that summer after kindergarten: Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot by Dav Pilkey.

As an avid reader, a writer and a mom, I am so excited by his interest in reading. His ability to read has grown exponentially in such a short time.

We can barely get his nose out of the new book. Just like his mother!

How cool that I can now say this about my youngest son! He’s going to need his own reading-related nickname now. Any suggestions?



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16 responses to “My Kids and Books

  1. Oh my, has it already been three years? And how exciting to have them both loving to read! I have so many ideas for a name, none of them sparkling bright enough for your young reader. How about ReaderMan?

  2. Leslie Rose

    How about “Reading Ranger?” There is nothing better than the rush when you see your kids fall in love with books. My kids always had stacks of books in their beds and trailing across their rooms.

  3. I don’t have a good nick-name suggestion, but how wonderful that he is reading! A whole new world has opened up for him! 🙂

  4. Can’t think of a name but did want to say that it is fantastic to see kids read..Most kids spend more time with games and forget about books.

  5. It’s amazing to see how far our children can progress in such a short time. My daughter will be 10 this summer. She devours books!

  6. Not terribly original, but maybe Bookworm? My nicknames for my kids are Blaze (because she’s always ablaze with energy and creativiy (but alas, she does not like to read), Dreamer (always telling me her dreams – she likes to read but not a bookworm), Serious and Starlet, the twins. I love coming up with nicknames – sometimes they almost pick themselves.

  7. Catherine Johnson

    That’s wonderful Vicki.I wish I could say the same. How about Readz

  8. Yay for young readers! My kids were very different in preference–the older liked books for the story, my younger for the words and cadence (he was a Seuss fan, like his mom)–he is the more enthusiastic reader now, but they are both capable and I love the rare times we all read the same books–Harry Potter, The Hunger Games…

  9. How heartwarming it must be to have a young reader at home! I can’t think of any nicknames off the top of my head. Maybe he can give himself a nickname based on his favorite character from all the books he’s been reading. =)

  10. I love that my son has a thirst for fiction. It’s one of the best things–being able to share your love of books with your loved ones!

  11. Woohoo! That is so cool! My daughter is two, and at the stage where she has memorized many of her books (even library books, which change all the time). She loves to sit in her crib and “read” book after book to herself (really just reciting what she *thinks* we say when we turn to each page). I’m so excited for her to actually read. I bet you’re so proud!

  12. Really love the idea of looking back on your blog, VB. Very cool. So important to get the little ones invested in reading early on. My mother still tells me how voracious of a reader I was, even when I couldn’t read. She said I’d make here read the same books over and over until they literally fell apart. (Dinosaurs were my favorites, apparently.)

    So kudos to parents who read to their kids. Your post is proof that it does create lifelong readers. : )

  13. So lovely that they love reading too!

  14. Yay! What a wonderful post. Love the reflection the progression of new readers.

  15. We just had a MAJOR turning point with my middle son. He had some learning difficulties and HATED to read. All the sudden, he discovered the Magic Tree House Books and is sneaking off to read. That is SOOO cool! 🙂

  16. Don’t know about a nick name, but I think it’s pretty cool! My daughter seems to prefer books from the animal’s POV.

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