Read-Through Thursday: The Demon’s Surrender

This is a series wherein I will discuss whatever book I’m reading or have just finished.  Feel free to post in the comments what you’re reading or your own thoughts about the books I discuss. 

The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon’s Surrender is the third in The Demon’s Lexicon trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan.  I just love these books.  The plots always keep you guessing, the main characters are hot, and you seriously will not be able to put down any of these books.

I haven’t started with a synopsis because I don’t want to give anything away to those who haven’t read the first two books (The Demon’s Lexicon and The Demon’s Covenant).  Each book is narrated by a different character, and I can tell you that the books center around the Ryves brothers, Alan and Nick, and their friends Mae and Jamie Crawford.  The brothers have spent their lives running from and fighting magicians, who use the power of demons for their own purposes.  In the world Brennan created, a demon’s mark opens a human up to possible possesion, which soon leads to death.  The four friends must figure out how to survive in the war between the Goblin Market – where humans can get magical paraphernalia and answers from the demons – and the magicians.

If you’re into paranormal adventures, you must read these books.  And, since these books are YA, of course there’s romance.  Steamy romance.

Did you catch the WriteOnCon Live Chat with Sarah Rees Brennan?

Read any good paranormal lately?  Please share your favorites in the comments.



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3 responses to “Read-Through Thursday: The Demon’s Surrender

  1. Oooh, I’ll have to check this series out!

  2. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like a steamy romance? Sounds like a great read!

  3. I’m such a shut in. I didn’t even know about Sarah’s stellar series until WriteOnCon, but they entire trilogy is officially at the top of my “to read” list. What a funny and smart writer!

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