Holiday Weekend

I still haven’t quite recovered from our holiday weekend, plus a minor medical procedure today that I don’t wish to talk about here.  So I apologize for not having a new post.

I will give you a quick update on Sophie, however.  Sophie has finished steeping and I’ve been revising it again.  I plan to edit this week, then send it out to betas by July 17th.

What are you working on?  How was your weekend (holiday or otherwise)?



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9 responses to “Holiday Weekend

  1. Sundown has been steeping too, though it began to do so before I had actually finished that particular edit session 😉 But I’m back into it now. I think I have about 9 chapters to edit…………seems to be slow going. I know why though – I keep getting distracted by other things. Hehe.

    My weekend was great, but slack! very very slack…!

  2. Phew! Nice to hear you’re back to editing this week! It must be nearing an end. Can’t wait to read that master piece.

    Rest up! Seriously!!

  3. Rest up and recover! As long as we know you’re alive and kicking (no matter what) then, that’s great. 🙂
    The holiday week-end was quiet minus the health issue you’ve read about. Revising my MG is going slow and also testing my confidence, but it’s all for the best and I know the end result will be worth it.
    Good luck with Sophie!

  4. Welcome back..You need a vacation from the vacation..LOL

  5. Catherine Johnson

    I hope you have an awesome time on your travels, you deserve a break 🙂

  6. Vacation from a vacation…how true! Our 4th of July weekend kept us hopping. I think I’m finally recovered. Hope you are, too. I’m happy to hear about Sophie! Solstice is rewritten with only a few scenes and details to add. Phew! Christy

  7. The holiday really set me back too in writing and blogging! Just starting to catch up…

  8. Oh, no! I hope you heal quickly. Glad to hear that revisions are going well. I’ve been working on submitting this week, as well as fleshing out some more plot lines for the book I’m working on now.

  9. Hope you’re feeling okay. I’ve been busy traveling with my niece to Basketball tournaments. All July I’ll be off someplace chaperoning her. My writing time is limited. Glad to hear you’re busy revising! 😀

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