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Support Your Favorite Author

Lisa Schroeder, author of Chasing Brooklyn (which I talked about here) and her newest release, The Day Before, is asking for the help of her fans. Barnes and Noble is not carrying her new book, so she asks everyone interested to please order it from their local B&N, and even from the library, to help the whole supply and demand issue. The more people request it, the more likely B&N will change their minds and decide to stock her book.

With the recent announcement of Borders closing for good, B&N is the only major commercial bookseller left for authors and readers alike. This goes for every author you love. If they don’t carry the book you want, order it and get the word out. B&N offers authors awesome exposure. Without that exposure, it is much harder for any given author to make this business work.

To help garner support, Lisa requests that you watch The Day Before book trailer and post it on your Facebook page or blog or wherever. Again, I encourage you to do this with any books and authors you love. Let’s help and support each other.

Anyone you want my readers to know about this week? Go ahead and post the author and book you want to support in the comments.



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Aunti B’s Book Club Blogfest

Time for another blogfest.  This time, Brenda Drake’s (click the link for all the deets and a list of other participants) teen book club will read our loglines and excerpts and pick the ones they most want to read.  Fun, right?

So here goes.  Sophie, a YA historical fantasy, may be renamed to The Bathsheba Medallion.

35-word pitch:

Sophie, a sheltered teen dancer stuck in 19th century Paris, must ignore her feelings for a passionate young gentleman, and rely on a thief to solve a century-old mystery about her mom to get home.

Pitch, Take Three:

Sophie, a teen dancer stuck in 19th century Paris, must ignore her feelings for a young Zionist, and rely on a thief to solve a mystery about her mom to return to the present.

250-word excerpt:

         My feet thud on the pavement and my ankles fail me.  I cry out in pain and surprise.

         I squint at the lights shining from streetlamps and rushing cars.  Too bright.

         Sounds bombard me from every direction:  car horns blare, music blasts, people talk, laugh, sing.  My head pounds.  I touch my temple and groan.

         “Est-ce que tout va bien, mademoiselle?  Avez-vous besoin d’aide?” a man asks, kneeling at my side.

         I wonder why he is speaking French.  Is everything okay, as he asked?  My whole body hurts.  I can’t seem to remember anything except French.

         Where am I?

         My head whips back and forth, checking out my surroundings.  I recognize the Place de l’Opéra in Paris.

         Okay, deep breaths.  I’m in Paris.  Mom’s birthplace.

         In a fog, I frown at the long, dark skirt, pointed black ankle boots, and a long-sleeved cream blouse scratching my neck.  Where are my shorts and flip flops?

         I stand, vaguely wondering what happened to my good samaritan, when a necklace bounces against my chest.  I grab the gold medallion and stare at the pattern that causes memories to wash over me. 

         Each wave threatens my balance.  I shiver in fear, despite the heat.

         What year is this?

         Another glance around confirms I’m at least close to my own time period.  Cars and motorcycles.  People wearing tee shirts, sun dresses, sneakers and sandals.  That sparks a new memory, of putting these old fashioned clothes on over lightweight, modern gear.  I smile and pull flip flops from my sleeves.

That’s it.  Feel free to give me feedback on the pitch and/or the excerpt.  Then I’ll be crossing my toes to win an awesome editing package from CA Marshall.

Thanks and have a brilliant week!


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Oh Montréal!

I just returned from a long weekend in Montreal (hence my blogiverse silence) with my family.  Suitably full of poutine and beer, I am ready to edit the heck (otherwise known as repetitive words and beginning conjunctions) out of Sophie.

Traffic around Montreal was unspeakably bad, which I guess is what happens when the summer, and therefore the construction season, is so short.  In the past, we have stayed in downtown and walked everywhere.  But this time we stayed out near the airport and had to drive in and out and around.  Oy vey, never again.

Despite that petty annoyance, we had a great time.  The boys can’t wait to go back and they tried some new and interesting foods.  A-Read tried toasted mealworms at the Biodome (actually both kids did) but then didn’t want to try poutine.  RocketMan said, “You’ll eat a worm, but you won’t eat a French fry?”  The little one discovered blueberry ice cream.  Oh, and I had something called a macaron givré, which is an ice cream sandwich made with macarons (the French macaroon, like a meringe cookie).  They had several flavor combinations but I had the pistachio ice cream in a purple macaron – very pretty (and yummy)!

The Biodome held both kids’ interest for 2 hours.  The Jean Talon market initially caused complaints, until they got to eat chocolatines (what the French call pain au chocolat and I guess we would call a chocolate croissant), cocoa-covered almonds, kadaifi, and garlic-stuffed olives.  Not together, of course!  RocketMan and I went back to one of our favorite shops there and had the merguez sandwich with olives and harissa.

We also got lost in a labyrinth for an hour on the Quai de l’Horloge, at Montreal’s Old Port, watched street performers juggle axes and fire on Place de Jacques Cartier, wandered around Beaver Lake and the Chalet on Mont-Royal, and tried the Montreal version of bagels which has as long a history as the New York version.  Those are the highlights.

So, now, like I said above, I’m ready to get cracking on what I hope will be the last stage of the Sophie revision.  I told a beta reader I’d send it to her by Sunday, so I have a deadline, and I don’t like to renege.

What’s been going on while I was gone?  Any deadlines you wish to share?


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Holiday Weekend

I still haven’t quite recovered from our holiday weekend, plus a minor medical procedure today that I don’t wish to talk about here.  So I apologize for not having a new post.

I will give you a quick update on Sophie, however.  Sophie has finished steeping and I’ve been revising it again.  I plan to edit this week, then send it out to betas by July 17th.

What are you working on?  How was your weekend (holiday or otherwise)?


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