Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Balancing Act

Did my life really get busier in the past few months or does it just somehow feel that way?

My children’s social calendars, school and extra-curricular activities. Yardwork, now that we bypassed spring and have landed squarely in summer. Social Media. Critiquing. Writing.

It doesn’t sound like that much listed that way. Under critiquing I should add that I’ve had the honor and pleasure to make some new critiquing friends in the past few months. Last week I gave critiques to 3 different friends.

The good news is that I finished a draft of Sophie and sent the first 5 chapters to 2 critiquing friends. I guess I should send them more, so we can move this process along, right?

On a different note, the awesome JC from J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer posted an interview with me on Wednesday. Check her out and say hello.

Does anyone else feel like life has become closer to overwhelming these days? How do you balance all the disparate elements of your life? Any tricks to pass on?



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