I had intended on writing a post for today, all about a great writing book I have been reading.  But Passover festivities and family visits have taken over my life.  So you will read all about Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird on Thursday in a Read-Through Thursday post instead.

I apologize to all my followers and Crusading friends.

Happy Passover!

See you on Thursday…



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8 responses to “Passover

  1. Nah, you’re fine. I don’t mind the wait. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your time with family! Take care, Christy

  3. Passover should indeed take precedence! Though Bird by Bird is my FAVORITE writing book ever. So I will certainly be back to hear your take on it. (The Fire in Fiction just tied for first place on the list; but if I had one writing book to take with me to a deserted island, Bird would win)

    I plan to teach my kids about Passover this week.

  4. Happy Passover! Enjoy spending time with your family.

  5. Hope you enjoyed Passover! Looking forward to hearing about Bird by Bird!

  6. Hope you’re having a good Passover. We just returned from our trip to celebrate Passover in New York.

  7. Hi, VB, Happy Passover, and thanks for following me.

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