Flash Fiction Crusade Challenge

This month’s Crusade Challenge is to write a 100-word or less flash fiction story that begins with the words, “The goldfish bowl teetered…”

I have never written any flash fiction before.  Rachael added the extra, yet voluntary, challenge of writing it in our usual genre.  I took it a step further and used characters from my current YA wip and put them in a situation that doesn’t exist in my manuscript.


The goldfish bowl teetered when Vincent’s hip banged into the antique table in the salon.

Vincent steadied it.  “Wouldn’t want to kill Maman’s precious poisson.  Sophie, I warned you I can’t dance.”

I bit my lip to hide the smile.  “You can dance, with the right teacher.”

I gazed into his chocolate brown eyes.  I had no chance with such a hottie.  My summer in Paris would end with me alone, as usual.  But he made me feel like anything was possible when he looked at me like that.

He grinned down at me and held out his hand.



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36 responses to “Flash Fiction Crusade Challenge

  1. Ooo la la! Nice tone you’ve started here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, what a good idea! Use your characters and give them a new scene – a fun little experimentation! I wasn’t going to do this challenge but now I think I just might! And you totally intrigued me with this summer fling. How did they meet? Why does she suspect she’ll end up alone? (as usual)?

  3. Aww! I really enjoyed the voice of this scene. Great job!

  4. Waaa!!!! Waaaa!!!
    Love it. Love it.
    You totally made this work for your novel.
    I especially enjoyed the hint of *luv* in there. This is not just a flash fiction it’s also a teaser.

  5. Ah, romantic! 🙂 Nicely unique with the dance element. Good job.

  6. Great job! Love the romance for it! I love reading these challenges. 🙂

  7. I love how in 100 words or less I not only feel like you pinned down the voice for these two characters, but I want to know so much more about them! Great job!

  8. I can hear his accent. Great job, that was a fun one!

  9. Nicely done. Good work on the voice and setup. Makes me want to read more about them.

  10. This is a yummy scene and I love what you’ve done with the challenge!

  11. I like it…the start of a little heat….

  12. I like it – – great job. My only feedback: at first I thought it was third person from Vincent’s pov, but then it switched to first person pov from a character I had no knowledge of …

    But I enjoyed it! 🙂

  13. Great story. I enjoyed the romantic aspect very much. 🙂

  14. Yummeh!! I want to read on man 😛

  15. Turning the flash fiction challenge into a teaser: great idea! Looking forward to reading more about Vincent.

  16. ooh la la! je l’aime bien!

  17. I agree with Margo Benson above–this is a yummy scene–love the voice!

  18. I want to know if she ends up with him- lol Great post for the challenge.

  19. *sigh* Lovely. And great idea, using your characters!

  20. Wendy

    Fun! Who knew you could turn “the goldfish bowl teetered…” into something so unexpected. I, on the other hand, had visions of Dr. Seuss.

  21. nice one – liked this – not my usual reading but I did like it – so what happens next?

  22. Ooh, very sweet. And well done you for the extra challenge 🙂



  23. I enjoyed this sweet entry! And I love when French words are slipped into creative writing. Well done!

  24. Cute. =) Very nice character building.

  25. Ahh ~ the potential for romance… and a hot guy with an accent! Nice ~ 🙂

  26. I almost wanted that goldfish bowl to tip over and fall…but I liked the direction you took with this piece.

  27. Love this beginning and wondering where it could go! Great seductive sense to your words.

  28. Mary Mary

    Nice! I like your setting and the chocolate brown eyes!

  29. Aww, so sweet! Love this! 😀

  30. Ooh, lala! Romance in Paris. I love it! 🙂

  31. Love this! Who wouldn’t be a sucker for a cute Parisian? Love the hints that he’s not as out of her league as she thinks.

  32. I really liked this. The ending was dreamy. Great job.

  33. Oh yes – I very much enjoyed this entry – I want to read more – and know who this french hottie is! Great job!

  34. Hello. I’m helping Rachael Harrie judge this contest. I’m posting to let you know that your entry has been shortlisted as one of the top 5 in the judging round. Great job!

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