Read-Through Thursday: Darkness Becomes Her

This is a series wherein I will discuss whatever book I’m reading or have just finished.  Feel free to post in the comments what you’re reading or your own thoughts about the books I discuss.

3/17/11:  Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

At 17 Ari Selkirk doesn’t know her father and can’t remember much about the mother who gave her up to the foster system when Ari was 4.  Her most recent foster family takes good care of her and taught her to take care of herself – they’re bail bondspersons.  Following a tip Ari heads into New Orleans, now called New 2 and ruled by the Novem, a council made up of the nine most powerful and oldest families who bought it from the government after two devastating hurricanes destroyed most of the city.  Now it’s a haven for freaks and all sorts of paranormal creatures.  Still with me?

Ari hooks up with a “family” of kids who look as freaky as she does (a little girl with black bobbed hair and mini fangs, a teen with golden yellow eyes…) and help her discover who is trying to kill her, what the curse on her and her female ancestors is all about, and what happened to her father.  Along the way she falls for a hottie, while still maintaining her tough exterior.

I’m going to stop there so I don’t spoil it for anyone.  And I mean that because you really should read this!

This story is filled with atmosphere and creepiness and is told by a kick-ass heroine.  The end makes it clear another book is coming, which sometimes annoys me, but I was so hooked by this one, and the main story problem is resolved, that I don’t mind.  But I can’t wait to read what comes next for Ari!



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10 responses to “Read-Through Thursday: Darkness Becomes Her

  1. I shall look out for this one!

  2. Sounds like an interesting collection of characters! I’m checking it out on goodreads…

  3. Will be checking this one out…

  4. It’s funny. A year ago I would never have been interested in a book of this genre, but now that I’m writing one (a paranormal romance) (I don’t know how that happened.) and I’ve been reading the genre more, it sounds good!!! Thanks! christy

  5. Series are definitely annoying, especially if I’ve just read the first to be published. But like you’ve said if it’s great I absolutely don’t mind having to wait to find out what happens next.
    I’ve just finished “The Iron Witch” and been trying to make it through “The Water Wars”.

    Have a great week end

  6. Yeah, this sounds good. The title alone had me hooked. I’ll have to add it to my pile 😉

  7. I love those kinds of reads. Where I’ll read the next one but I’m not mad when the first one ends. 🙂

  8. Every week you give me a new book to read. Awesome!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the book info. Sounds intriguing!

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