Read-Through Thursday: Anna and the French Kiss

This is a series wherein I will discuss whatever book I’m reading or have just finished.  Feel free to post in the comments what you’re reading or your own thoughts about the books I discuss.

3/10/11:  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Oh, Paris, how I love thee, let me count the ways.  This was a no-brainer choice for me.  I love being reminded of my adventures and fun times in Paris and this book certainly did that.

Anna’s father makes her attend a boarding school in Paris for her senior year of high school.  She’s not happy about leaving her friends and family in Atlanta to go to school in a place she’s never been and in a language she doesn’t know.  She makes friends quickly, however, and meets the beautiful Etienne St. Clair.

This book brought up so many memories for me.  Getting my picutre taken in the Galerie des Chimeres atop Notre Dame.  Walking around the Latin Quarter and nearly getting hit by a bus (oh, fun times, fun times), which made a cute gendarme shake his head at me while he tried to hide a smile.  Getting crepes from a street-side creperie.  Wandering around Pere Lachaise cemetery to find the tombs of Jim Morrison (of course) and Oscar Wilde and Chopin.  Macarons.  Oh la la, les macarons.

Anna is a well-rounded character.  She is confused about boys, she loves movies (okay, that’s an understatement), she seems both proud and embarrassed by her father’s accomplishments, she is a good friend, except when she isn’t, she does things she shouldn’t because it makes sense at the time, and does things she should because she’s a good person.  Sounds like me, except for the movies.  Sounds like lots of teens, in fact.

Therein lies the beauty of this novel.  While not everyone has been as lucky as Anna or me and gets to spend time in the beautiful Paree, anyone can relate to the relationship struggles, the desire to fit in, the desire for a boy – for good or bad – and learning about oneself.

Where do you wish you could have had a young romance?



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12 responses to “Read-Through Thursday: Anna and the French Kiss

  1. This sounds like a lovely read… 🙂
    I didn’t get much out of my teen years (romance wise), but I made up for it when I met my hub. So if I had to do it all over again, I wish it happened in Disney World (because I’ve never been there).

  2. Rome! Definitiely Rome! Or maybe a luscious Greek island…

    I simply must revisit Paris someday. I was very young when I was there, 30 years ago, only a vague memory of Notre Dame, and not liking the food (oh, what an idiot I was!!! Children who only like hot dogs and grilled cheese should not be allowed to visit Paris!) I plan to read this book, thanks for getting me into the Paree mood!

  3. Definitely somewhere in europe… I’d say Venice… probably THE most romantic place on earth.


  4. Paris! I’d choose Paris, or really, any romantic city in Europe. I have to read this book!

  5. Great review! I agree – this one was such a good read. I loved learning more about Paris, and a good romance is always welcome. As for where I wish I’d had a young romance, how about any exotic place I’ve never been? Then I’ll have gotten to see someplace fun, too.

  6. ooh! I’ve seen this book discussed before, but you really did an awesome job writing up a blurb for it. I have to get it ASAP. Especially since I have nothing on my nightstand to read right now. I know! GASP! christy

    • Vicki Tremper

      Double GASP! I cannot survive without a book on my nightstand. Go get something – anything – now…we’ll wait…

  7. Hee hee, well, I had one in Turkey, by the sea… If I had to choose for my young self, I might wish for one in Wales!

  8. I’ve heard lots of good things about this book-I’m gonna have to check it out!

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