Diving back into the MG pool

After about two years, I have dug an old middle grade manuscript out of the trunk in the basement where I keep such things.  (Okay, not really, it was just in a folder on my computer.)

While awaiting feedback on Sophie, I first plotted out Kwizera’s sequel.  It will focus on Odette, Cecile’s Tutsi friend who went to Kigali to seek her fortune in the arms of foreign men.  It’s a rough plot, without all the usual twists and turns, subplots and plot layers.  For now.  At the moment I’m hung up on finding the perfect Rwandan name for her.

So, now I’ve moved on to a new/old project.  Tzohar is a middle grade adventure about the biblical “light of the world” that was created when those famous words were “spoken”:  Let there be light.  I have a completed draft, but I put it aside a few years ago to concentrate on writing Kwizera.  So now I will revise it and polish it until it’s glossy enough to send to agents.

Do you have any manuscripts shelved you wish you had time (or energy or inclination) to revive?  What is stopping you?  What keeps your mind turning around it?



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12 responses to “Diving back into the MG pool

  1. Oh do have fun with this.
    I love relooking at a character who sat on my shelf stewing for years. For me, it wasn’t the MC herself, but her bratty brothers who got me curious. Now, they are alive and well, living out my fantasies in the Notebook Chronicles. You never know where they might take you again.

  2. Tzohar sounds fascinating! I remember having a big “wow” moment when I realized that when God created light on the first day, it was something entirely different from the light of the sun, moon and stars he created on the fourth day.

  3. That sounds interesting! Have a good time. I’ve heard that many agents are looking for MG, so good timing! And, yes, I do have one that I wish I wanted to revise. It’s got a unique premise, but I wrote it before I really found my voice so I would have to re-write the whole thing (since a few tweaks won’t give it my voice). Since I feel like I’ve already told that story, I’m just not sure if I’m up for re-writing it.

  4. I heard the same about agents looking for MG, so good luck! I have two MSs I’d love to revive but as always, time is the major barrier.

  5. I’ve sort of unofficially shelved my epic fantasy novel(s). I guess they’re still there and I look at them occasionally, but they are lowest on my priority list right now. 🙂

    They are a SCARY monster!

    Good luck with your untrunked MG novel 😀

  6. I have two shelved manuscript from 2010 that are begging for my attention right now. But I want to see this editing of my MG through before I allow myself to get hugely distracted again.
    Happy revising (and I mean it)

  7. The teaser I posted just now on my blog is part of the complete, and I mean complete rewrite of my first YA fantasy. I’m beyond excited working on it again – it kept nagging at me and I think it still has a lot to teach me! ^^

  8. I’ve got a few MSs lying around, and one that I never wrote because, being a pantster, I made the mistake of plotting it all out first. Had the hero and heroine, their names, histories, jobs, quirks, everything, the plot points and so on… and it never got written. I can’t remember his name now – Christopher, maybe? – but she was Katherine Randall. Sorry about that, Katherine!

  9. Oh, yeah, I have a couple MSs I want to revise…I keep saying “some day” yet I find more work to do on present projects, LOL!

    Your outlines sound great!

  10. I get so hung up on my WIP that I rarely ever go back. But, oh, I dream of writing about a number of secondary characters in those mss. Their stories are always circling (bubbling) in the back of my brain while I’m working away on that ‘new’ one. Some day…

  11. Oh, how exciting! Good luck to you as you re-write your book. I have a MG novel that I’ve shelved. It was my first, and you can tell. I might come back to it some day.

  12. I have a really bad habit of writing a few thousand on my MG, only to want to work on my YA for a few pages, and then back. I have a bad feeling it’s messing up my voice on both, so I need to STOP!! I’m really excited about my MG right now, though – I’m going through a rewrite of the first half (before I’m done, even) to cut out one story line and that’s cut down on my enthusiasm a bit. Wishing you the best!

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