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Diving back into the MG pool

After about two years, I have dug an old middle grade manuscript out of the trunk in the basement where I keep such things.  (Okay, not really, it was just in a folder on my computer.)

While awaiting feedback on Sophie, I first plotted out Kwizera’s sequel.  It will focus on Odette, Cecile’s Tutsi friend who went to Kigali to seek her fortune in the arms of foreign men.  It’s a rough plot, without all the usual twists and turns, subplots and plot layers.  For now.  At the moment I’m hung up on finding the perfect Rwandan name for her.

So, now I’ve moved on to a new/old project.  Tzohar is a middle grade adventure about the biblical “light of the world” that was created when those famous words were “spoken”:  Let there be light.  I have a completed draft, but I put it aside a few years ago to concentrate on writing Kwizera.  So now I will revise it and polish it until it’s glossy enough to send to agents.

Do you have any manuscripts shelved you wish you had time (or energy or inclination) to revive?  What is stopping you?  What keeps your mind turning around it?



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