Bloviated Compassion

Our first Crusade Challenge is:  In 300 words or less, tell us one secret, one lie, one interesting quirk, one annoying habit, one of your best character traits, and one of your favourite things in the whole world.

The post can be in any format, including poetry, but must include the random words, “bloviate,” “fuliguline,” “rabbit,” and “blade”.

Yeah, I didn’t know what those first two random words meant either (until I read some of the posts of the other crusaders).

My brother had a rabbit when we were kids, but my dad wouldn’t let her live in the house.  She spent the winter in the garage (in NY) – actually, she spent part of the winter in the garage because she didn’t last the season.

But it’s very cool that my parents now have fuliguline friends who visit their pool every Spring, until their offspring are big enough to move on to their usual summertime home. 

One of my best character traits is compassion, despite my father’s on-again, off-again example.

I hate to bloviate; I always come straight to the point.  I know, I’m just quirky that way.

I’m sure it’s very annoying to my friends that I blather on about writing and querying.

I love to share foodie adventures with my blade-wielding husband. 

Can you prove how well you know me by figuring out the lie?



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15 responses to “Bloviated Compassion

  1. Lol, I like how you wove all the elements of the challenge together!!!

    Hmmm, blade-wielding husband–is that the lie? 😉

  2. Ha! This was the first challenge I read. I have no idea what I’ll write for mine! Well done!! Hmmm…do you truly love to bloviate? Christy

  3. Vicki Tremper

    Laura – weaving was accidental.
    Christy – thanks! Can’t wait to read your attempt.

    It’s so hard not to comment on your guesses!

  4. Hmm, always comes straight to the point is the lie? I want to say blade wielding husband but that seems to obvious and my own husband wields blades. Lol!

  5. For the lie, maybe your husband doesn’t like to cook with you, in your foodie adventures?

  6. Wendy

    What’s your point? 😉

  7. Hi Vicki~ You don’t have an email address with your profile, so I’m replying to your comment on Falling Leaflets here 🙂 How cool that we’re both language majors…of course, I don’t do much with my Spanish degree, but maybe I’ll teach my youngest a few words as she gets older 🙂

    As for your lie, I can’t tell! I’ll guess that you go the foodie route alone, and that your husband prefers to do the eating.

  8. I’ll say you don’t really get to the point. 🙂

    I have an award for you at my blog.

  9. Um… you didn’t live in NY?

    Clever post! Fellow crusader. Nice to meet you!

  10. Maybe your father never let your rabbit in the house? Just a guess. Fun post.

  11. Fellow crusader stopping by to say hi!

    I’m gonna guess your parents don’t have a pool.

  12. Blade wielding husband sounds exciting, so I’m not going to vote for that–too fun. And, er, dangerous!

  13. This was too hard for me! I guess I’m a wimp when it comes to challenges. Well, I still have a day left to come up with an idea… I’m also no good at picking out people’s lies! Okay I guess it’s that your parents really don’t have sea ducks stop over at their pool in the winter. Though might just be crazy enough to be true.

  14. I really believe that you don’t bloviate, because you sped through this challenge! So I’ll say that your parents don’t host the ducks every year. But it would be pretty nice to see them every morning.

  15. Joy

    Stopping in to say hello to a fellow crusader. I’m guess the lie is the rabbit wasn’t housed in the garage.

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