Read-Through Thursday: Magic Under Glass

This is a series wherein I will discuss whatever book I’m reading or have just finished that week.  Feel free to post in the comments what you’re reading this week, too, or your own thoughts about the books I discuss.

2/17/11:  Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore

I’m only halfway through this beautifully written fantasy set in an imagined world similar to our own a couple of centuries ago, but with the addition of fairies.  Nimira is a poor singer in a foreign land, chosen by a gentleman sorceror to sing with a clockwork man who plays the piano.  I could say more about the plot, but I don’t want to give too much away.  Basically there is some question about whether the automaton is really a machine or an enchanted man somehow trapped inside the machine.

An original concept + beautiful writing = a winner!

Here’s an example of Nimira’s voice and Jackie’s writing:

“If one spends too many hours in solitude, one starts to emote for one’s own benefit.”

Out of context, maybe this doesn’t strike you the way it did me, but I can relate to this line.  Nimira had been alone in her room for a while and got a little crazy – a little emotive.  I do this all the time (well, all the time when I’ve had the house to myself, which doesn’t happen all that often).  When my husband takes the kids to his dad’s for a weekend, I enjoy my solitude and the quiet.  But at some point, I decide I need to make some noise.  So I sing show tunes or eighties songs.  At the top of my lungs.  With LOTS of emotion.

Okay, the embarrassing peek into my non-writing life is now over. 

I return you to our regularly scheduled blog post.

(Which means I’m going back to revising Sophie – well, in between reading more of Magic Under Glass.)



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21 responses to “Read-Through Thursday: Magic Under Glass

  1. Who doesn’t need to belt out a show tune or two every now and then? And the 80s were over way too soon. God bless John Hughes and his 80s films about teen angst so we can all relive them whenever we want (hello there Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, etc.). Nice to meet ya, fellow Crusader!

  2. Jackie Dolamore

    I bet Nimira would sing show tunes or 80s songs to herself, too, if she knew of such a thing… Glad you’re enjoying it! *tiptoes away*

    • Vicki Tremper

      OMGosh! Jackie Dolamore just commented on my post about her book! *vigorously fanning myself* Wow, that is a first. Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon! Don’t be a stranger! (Okay, I’ll stop embarrassing myself now.)

  3. Making my crusader round, great to meet you! I hope you have a fab weekend!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  4. Wendy

    (queue If You Were Here… by the TTwins, of course 🙂

  5. I love to sing when I’m alone, too. Actually, I do it no matter who’s in the house, but a lot louder when I’m alone. 🙂

    I’m a fellow crusader, just stopping by to say “hi!”

  6. Great ending! Hello! Another crusader here.
    I’m intrigued. Which eighties tunes are you singing?

    • Vicki Tremper

      That’s a great question. Hmm, let me think back to the last time I got to do that…um…Taylor Dane, Madonna, and lot’s of emotional show tunes (like from Les Mis and Rent).

  7. This does sound interesting. You’ve peaked my curiosity. Hmmm…visiting from the crusade!

  8. Sounds like a great book continue to enjoy it 😉

  9. Belting out 80’s songs…I can relate! Especially an awesome Journey song.

    This book sounds amazing. I’m currently reading GOING BOVINE, which so far, is hilarious.

  10. Hiya, buddy crusader! I’m making the rounds today and checking out your blog. Nice to meet you, and Happy Friday! 🙂

    Artzicarol Ramblings

  11. Hi fellow Crusader, I stopped by to say hi and to follow. I haven’t read this book yet, but I have yet to read a less than stellar review by anyone, and I’ve read many reviews of it.

  12. Dropping in to say Hi fellow crusader – I’m following on FB. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Fellow Crusader here! Nice to meet you!

    I haven’t got around to reading Magic Under Glass yet, but you’re not the first to say the writing is beautiful! Perhaps I should give it a try! 😀

  14. Hi, Vicki,
    I’m a Crusader checking out all the other blogs. I love yours. ; )

  15. Hi there – fellow crusader stopping by to say hi and follow (trying to anyway – I got a weird message when I tried to subscribe by email…) Looking forward to getting to know you better via your blog 🙂

  16. Hi fellow crusader! Just thought I’d stop by to say hello! 😀

  17. I can relate to Nimira too. I had a solitary childhood for the most part and I remember play acting and pretending to have conversations with imaginary people but not in a creepy way.

    We are in the same group of the Crusades. So I’m stopping over to say hi.

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