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Read-Through Thursday: City of Bones

This is a new series for my blog, wherein I will discuss whatever book or books I’m reading or have just finished that week.  Feel free to post in the comments what you’re reading this week, too, or your own thoughts about the books I discuss.

12/30/10:  City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

This week I’m reading Book One of The Mortal Instruments series, in which 15-year-old sassy New Yorker, Clary, discovers she and her missing mother are Shadowhunters, humans with special powers to fight demons.  Now she must find her mother and the Mortal Cup her mother’s abductor will use to create his own Shadowhunter army, and save the world she didn’t even know existed.

I’m digging this book.  It’s another huge one – more than 450 pages – but the story keeps me turning the pages.  Clary is a fun and strong character and I can’t wait to see what happens between her and the two boys in her life: dark-haired, boy-next-door, Simon, and the golden boy Shadowhunter, Jace.

Despite my enjoyment, a few questions keep swirling around in my mind while I read. 

  • Why do so many YA paranormal/urban fantasy novels have a love triangle?
  • Why do so many of the author’s dialogue tags interrupt a character’s dialogue?  I find myself reading those lines at least twice to get the right flow.

 Despite those questions, there are several things I like about this story.

  • Clary is strong-willed without being annoying.
  • She doesn’t yet know she’s part of a love triangle.  To be fair, the triangle is more like a rectangle anyway.
  • She recognizes the differences between herself and the tall, lithe, gorgeous Isabelle without being overly upset about those differences.
  • Jace may be the bad boy, but he’s been right there for Clary from the beginning.  His charm is fun and I definitely get why there are Team Jace fans.
  • Simon keeps surprising me.  I liked him from the first chapter, but he isn’t a static character.  I definitely get why there are Team Simon fans.
  • Isabelle isn’t just a mean girl.  There’s more to her and we can all relate to the things that motivate her.

I love that I generally like books and can learn something from almost everything I read.  If I really don’t like something and don’t finish reading it, I probably won’t bother to talk/write about it either.

Oh, another thing I like about this book – since it pubbed in 2007 two other books in the series are already out, plus the first book of the prequel series came out this past year, so if I still like this book at the end, I’ll have plenty more to read about this world and these characters.

Happy New Year!


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