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My oldest kiddo just finished the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid, against my initial better judgment.  When I read the first page last year, I immediately saw words I didn’t want him to know quite yet.  But a year later, all his friends are reading the fifth and newest Wimpy Kid, and his teacher believes all reading is a good thing.  So, he got it for the first night of Chanukah last week from my cousin and he was so excited.  He started reading it right then and there.  He finished it yesterday.  He loved it.  He called it hilarious, which is his highest praise.  And he couldn’t pick a favorite part. 

He’s got another Magic Treehouse on his bedside table, which he started last night.  And he’s looking forward to reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets during the Winter break.  Omigosh, we are once again all about HP – Harry Potter Legos for Wii, Harry Potter Lego kits and the Harry Potter Lego boardgame have all arrived for Chanukah, so far.

What he doesn’t know is that the Chanukah Fairy is also bringing him Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon, and two Magic Treehouse books.

I just love books.  And I really believe there is a book out there for everyone.  I just wish I could convince my 11-year-old niece of that.  She won’t even let me try to find a book she might possibly like.  Well, she may spend a week here during the Winter break, so I’ll have more time to work on her.

Any suggestions for a reluctant female reader of that age?  I’ll gladly accept your suggestions in the comments box.  

Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Celebrate-in-December!



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5 responses to “My Young Reader

  1. Reluctant readers are a puzzle to me. I spent much time during the early years of my children’s experience doing everything possible to interest them in books. One reads constantly and has benefited immensely from it; the other never would read and still does not. Both have equal intelligence. The one that doesn’t read can read and understand instruction manuals and technical writing that would boggle the mind. Yet he won’t read anything that he isn’t forced to read. Puzzling. Maybe you can find just the right title to tempt your young lady to read. Blessings to you…

  2. Hmmm….if you can’t hook her with HP I don’t know what you can do ;p Reluctant readers are hard…maybe you could take her on a shopping trip and pop into a bookstore for “yourself” and see if she finds anything of interest on her own….just a suggestion.

  3. Believe it or not, Nancy Drew has some new graphic novels. Those seem to be the rage with young girls right now who are a bit intimidated by huge blocks of text. There are some fantasy graphic novels also. Just type in graphic novels for girls at Amazon. There’s also Dork Diaries, which is a girl version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I just read DOWK, The Ugly Truth this weekend, and it was laugh out loud funny.

  4. Michele

    Not everyone likes Harry Potter. We’ve started reading it as a family read and I for one am not enjoying it, so disagree with the above post that if she can’t be hooked with HP she can’t be hooked, it’s not for everyone. Perhaps something more real life or reality based or everyday (perhaps there’s a genre name for that I’m just not familar with, being an avid reader, but not a literary genius.) Not sure what 11 year old girls will read, but not everyone wants to read Harry Potter, I can vouch for that as a girl who was once 11.

    • vtremp

      Thanks Carol Ann, Elisa, teacherwriter and Michele. The Nancy Drew graphic novels sound interesting. Dragging her to a library or bookstore might work too. I have trouble relating to someone who doesn’t want to read. To me it’s one of the great pleasures of life.

      Michele – I’m sorry that HP isn’t doing it for you, but you are a contemporary gal with contemporary tastes! And there’s plenty of contemporary to read.

      Thanks again, Everyone!

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