Now is the time

Following up on last week’s motto, I will share some of my latest writing-related good news. Please join in the crowfest – share whatever is making you smile today, writing-related or not.

One set of short stories is complete and has now been published as an ebook. Working with an editor taught me a lot. I have started writing a new collection of stories set in Paris. It has been a lot of fun to write something so different (short stories for young readers instead of novels for teens), yet so familiar (my favorite exotic settings).

I have finished revising Kwizera and look forward to querying agents in the near future, although perhaps not until after the Winter SCBWI conference. And I’m happy to announce that my logline and 250-word excerpt were chosen to be part of the MSFV Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction next week.

Now I’m getting antsy to get back to Sophie. That manuscript has been sitting since June or July and my revising fingers are getting twitchy. I can’t wait to dig into it again!

Okay, your turn. Share some good news in the comments. Typing congrats will help my twitchy fingers!



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3 responses to “Now is the time

  1. My hubby came home from the hospital several days ago. I could say WE came home. I spent my days and nights there. Having him home is a wonderful blessing.

    Your writing career sounds very successful! Congrats to you!

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I have to get a copy of your ebook!!!! Where’s the link???

    Congrats on getting into the contest!! 😀

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