Under Pressure

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed for the past week or so.  Halloween becomes more and more complicated each year.  In addition to shopping for some of the pieces to my boys’ costumes, I also ended up making a cowboy vest and a small messenger bag – both out of felt.  I don’t consider myself crafty.  I don’t have a sewing machine and only know the absolute basics of hand-sewing. 

So…I did okay.  My boys are happy and they look adorable.  Phew.  Check Halloween costumes off the list.

It’s time to do the paperwork for my next afterschool French class.  A good number of kids have registered (yeah!).  Lesson plans await.  Is this difficult?  No.  Does it take time?  Yes.  Sigh. 

My mother is about to turn a certain age.  I will not say more than that for fear of her wrath.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Enough said.

Chanukah will be early this year.  Like, the Wednesday after Thanksgiving early.  Oy vey.

Then there’s Kwizera.  Why do I feel so much pressure to finish revising this novel?  I have no deadline.  No one is waiting with bated breath to read it (other than my ever-loyal and wonderful friends and family).  And there is so much else to do.

But I know that I will never realize my dream of getting Kwizera published if I don’t finish the dang thing first.

So there it is.  The pressure I put on myself. 

And I keep the pressure on by arranging deadlines with critique partners, worrying about changes to the manuscript, and constantly thinking about various aspects of the story.  Is the beginning good enough or should the story begin earlier, or later?  Is the ending satisfying?  Does it provide proper closure?  Is enough going on in the middle?  Is the main character active (she drives her story) or passive (the story happens to her)?  Am I using cliched language?  Is there enough emotional impact?

Are you dizzy yet?  I am.  I think I’ll go get some M&Ms – the revising writer’s secret weapon.

So…Happy Halloween!


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  1. Psst. Just read your comment on MSFV. Check out my blog tomorrow for news on a logline blogfest/contest happening next Monday (it’s on a different blog, but I’ll be mentioning it). 😉

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