Pseudonym or not pseudonym?

Many writers have faced this question.  Who should we be to the public?  What will be our public face?  There are as many answers to the questions as there are writers.

I haven’t yet figured this out as a YA writer.  I try to be myself on this blog, on Twitter and at conferences.  When it comes to pen names, I plan to consider my future agent’s advice.  I’m happy to use some version of my real name, but what version?

As a stories writer, I have decided to choose a pseudonym that means something to me, but not much to anyone else.  I just want to keep those two sides of myself separate.  Different genres, different names.

What about you?  If you write, what do you do?  If you don’t, what would you do in the same situation?


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One response to “Pseudonym or not pseudonym?

  1. I’m happy sticking with my name. But I know one author who writes both erotica and YA. Obviously she can’t use the same name for both. 😉

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