From Osborn to Scieszka

I hope everyone enjoyed a long weekend.  I obviously did.  So please excuse my tardiness in posting.  I was away from my computer for the entire weekend, compounded by lots of revision on stories and Kwizera, and some not-so-jolly migraines.

But here is an update on my 2nd grade reader with 5th grade tastes:

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief successfully behind him, he continues to read the Magic Treehouse books – now up to # 32.  And this weekend we discovered a new series:  The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka.  He thinks they’re funny – and I agree.  He flew through the first one (Knights of the Kitchen Table) and started the second one last night (The not-so-jolly Roger).

His Harry Potter days are not behind us, but we’re taking a break.  Those books are not going anywhere and he has plenty of time to read them, as well as the rest of the Percy Jackson books.

Feel free to send more suggestions – post them in the comments.  Happy Reading!


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