Dark Days

Last week Number One Son said, “I can’t stand to watch that movie another time,” about Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone. Everything came to a screeching halt. We stared at him. Did he really say that? He looked around at us all. “What? I’m getting kind of tired of it.”

Harry Potter only entered his consciousness two months ago. He has six more books to read, and seven more movies to watch. He can’t get tired of HP yet. The rest of the family has not tired of HP yet.

Number Two Son (who can’t yet read) said, “Aww.”

RocketMan said nothing.

I said, “It’s okay. Maybe he just needs a break. We can watch it when he’s not around.”

All hope is not yet lost. While he and his brother play Harry Potter less, he still wants Harry Potter Legos and the Harry Potter Lego game for Wii.

I successfully distracted him from reading Chamber of Secrets because I wanted him to get a taste of more age-appropriate literature. I guess I was more successful than I meant to be. However, he knows that Chamber of Secrets awaits and still really wants to read it.

In the meantime he just finished reading Rachel Vail’s Justin Case: School, Drool and Other Daily Disasters (he calls it hilarious) about a third grade worry wart. He loved it. Now he is reading the first Percy Jackson.

So, all you Mama and Papa Bears out there, what books do you struggle to get your kids to read? What books are you totally over? What books do you still love reading over and over?


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  1. Gail

    This Mama bear still loves to reread Junie B. Jones books as does my ten-year-old bear. Now, she’s started reading The Warrior series by Erin Hunter, which is about cats. My almost-thirteen-year-old bear just finished reading the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. I don’t even like dystopian books and I couldn’t put the 1st one down!

    I just finished reading A Season of Gifts by Richard Peck, which is a MG/YA novel and a companion to his Newberry Honor Winner A Long Way From Chicago & his Newberry Award Winner A Year Down Under. I am a children’s writer and I love to read books with strong characters so I adored Peck’s grandmother character, as did my almost-thirteen-old bear. I look forward to reading these three novels with my ten-year-old bear!

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