I’m Baaack

So after the amazingness of WriteOnCon I took a few days off. RocketMan and I went to Austin for a long weekend.

We stuffed ourselves silly with Mexican food and various food cart delicacies, including Korean BBQ tacos, cake balls, and Moroccan burgers. We spent time with an old friend, and made some new ones. We swam at a water fall. We hiked to the water fall in 104 degree heat. We visited the Botanical Gardens. We drank margaritas. And we sang along with the dueling pianos on Sixth Street.

All in all, it was a fabulous vacation. And it was just what I needed.

I came home recharged, renewed and refreshed. Creative. Eager. And with great ideas (thanks to Suzanne Lilly and RocketMan) to improve my WIP. I finished another draft of Kwizera with some big structural changes and it is has been steeping since before the weekend. This week I plan to read through it, probably several times, to polish it to a nice, glossy sheen.

So, that’s what a tiny, bloated, sweaty, tequila-soaked vacation did for me. How about you? Please share in the comments your favorite vacation spot, your fave vacay drink or food item, or the thing you came home most jazzed to do.

Thanks to RocketMan, MusicMan, The Flying Carpet, Torchy’s Tacos, Holy Cacao, and Chi’Lantro for a great weekend.


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