Young Reader Update

Harry Potter continues to take over our house.  The 7 year old can barely take his nose out of it long enough to enjoy a long camping weekend with his dad and his cub scout pack.  Or to spend all day at camp.  And the 4 year old asks to watch the movie every day.  Yes.  Every.  Day.

I am still not tired of it!

The Magic Tree House books are being left on the wayside.  Sigh.  My little boy is growing up.  Next he has set his sights on Percy Jackson.  Good thing each series has 7 books.  That should keep us in boy books for years, especially since I won’t let him read the whole series until he is older.

What books have taken hold in your house?


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One response to “Young Reader Update

  1. Gail

    The Junie B Jones books took hold in our house and still have a hold! My 10 year old still likes to reread them and so do I! My 12 year old read all of The Magic Tree House books and the NF books. Then, it was the Cat Warrior Books, Percy Jackson and now it is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. When I was young it was Laura Ingalls Little House books.

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