Watch out for the Flying Light Sabres!

My rising 2nd grader is now reading the first Harry Potter book.  To say his parents are proud is vastly understating.  Not only is this book at least a 5th grade reading level, but we’re HP fans. 

The summer reading program at our local library, however, doesn’t allow for breaking up such a large book into reportable chunks, so he is also reading Magic Tree House books (he’s up to #26).  He especially loved reading about the Revolutionary War and I was excited for him to read about the mountain gorillas in an African cloud forest.  He reads a couple of those each week, does his book reports at the library, and earns prizes.  Then in between, he reads Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

We also borrowed the movie from the library and have now watched it about 8 times in 3 weeks.  He begs me every 3 or 4 days to get the next movie.  I stand firm.  He can’t see movie #2 until he finishes book #1 (and I’d prefer he read book #2 first, too – but I think seeing the movie helps him get through all the details in the book and keeps it all fresh in his mind).

Not surprisingly, everything has become about Harry Potter.  The 7 yo decorated a fan (a prize from the library reading program) with a picture of Harry Potter.  The 4 yo just brought me pictures of Dudley and Vernon Dursley.  He can’t remember their names – he told me the drawings were of Harry’s cousin and his dad. 

The light sabers are now flying broomsticks.  Any stick-like object that can be a magic wand is now a magic wand.  The boys keep trying to find scars on their bodies.  Words like quidditch and wingardium leviosa have become commonplace in our home.  And the boys debate whether the word “lives” is appropriate to describe Nearly Headless Nick’s residence in Gryffindor House.

Good thing we like Harry Potter.

What books and/or movies have invaded your home, your imagination and that of your kids?  Can’t wait to read your comments!


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  1. Harry Potter is VERY popular in my house, too, and since my kids are all several years apart in age, I get to go through the Harry Potter craze multiple times (which suits me just fine!). 🙂

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