Independence Day

In honor of our nation’s birthday, I declare independence from rejection depression.  So an agent said no.  Big deal.  On to the next one.

I declare independence from feelings of self-doubt.  I must believe in me and my manuscript if I expect anyone else to.  If I’m not good enough yet, then I’ll do more, read more, learn more, write more.

I declare independence from author-envy.  Rather than getting bummed out about someone else’s book deal (or snagging a dream agent), I will make them my role model.  If s/he can do it, then so can I!

Isn’t freedom grand?

What negative feelings do you need to let go of?  Please share in the comments.


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One response to “Independence Day

  1. Hooah! I love these positive decisions. Thanks for starting this train of thought.

    I declare independence from feeling I have to write what the market is demanding, or what critics think has deep literary meaning. Instead, I’ll simply write stories that I enjoy. If other people enjoy them too, that’s gravy on my potatoes.

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