Awesomesauce Editing Contest

Over the weekend I found out about this awesome contest for writers. Cassandra Marshall, a writer, freelance editor and an intern at a literary agency, recently achieved a goal in followers of her blog and Twitter and is celebrating in a way that I am awfully excited about.

In her own words:

And so, to celebrate the glowing review and for reaching 100 blog followers and 700 twitter followers (that just blows my mind!) I’m giving away a FREE substantial edit! (That’s plot, pacing, character development, etc, up to 100k words) to one lucky reader!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am by this. Just the other day a friend suggested I look into a professional editor for Kwizera. I’m at the point in the querying process where I’m getting feedback from agents and some really nice personalized emails. Which makes the ride that much more of a rollercoaster.

So to have someone who does this for a living read Kwizera and critique the plot, pacing, and character development would take me to the next level. I know I would learn so much, not just for this manuscript, but for everything else I ever write.

If you’re a writer, click the link above for the details and to enter before midnight on July 2nd.

Wish me luck, my friends!


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One response to “Awesomesauce Editing Contest

  1. Good luck, VB!! I was just thinking about professional MS editing, after reading some posts on Alan Rinzler’s blog. Might go that way m’self, once I get this zero draft done and polished up to a mere first draft sheen. I’ve come to realize that, as a professional copywriter/editor for some years, I can write my ASS off. But you know what I CAN’T do as well? Structure a story. So an editor might just be the thing I need to stabilize this WIP. Hope you get your edit!!!

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