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Synopsis Resources

*Some general advice on synopses from the always helpful Nathan Branford.

*Crime writer Beth Anderson tells us how to write the tight synopsis.

*More general advice on when, why and how to write a synopsis from the Fiction Writers Connection.

*Mastering the dreaded synopsis from Fiction Factor.

*Suite 101 gives us a detailed definition and how-to article on writing a synopsis.

*Sisters/authors Lisa and Laura Roecker got agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe’s advice on writing a great synopsis.

And here’s something I tried with the Kwizera synopsis. I wrote about the book in the main character’s voice. I filled almost two pages, single spaced, with Cecile’s words on the most important aspects of her story, only including the characters who really needed to be mentioned to make someone else understand. Then I went back and made sure the verb tense was consistent throughout. Then I changed it to third-person. Just watch out for choppiness.

Good luck!


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