Out of the mouths of babes

Today my post is not about what I’m reading, or about my writing, or anything to do with my journey toward publication.  No, today I will write about the things children say and where they say them.

Last week I took my four year old son to story time at our local public library, as I do every Wednesday.  At our story time, the librarian reads three or four books that center on a particular theme, like apples and pumpkins, or clothing, or animals, or kids’ bodies and movements.  In between books she makes the kids stand up and sing or do a finger play.

We got through the first two books without incident, beyond his usual wiggling around in my lap, walking in circles around me, hugging me from behind.  Then Ms. Leslie read Wiggle by the wonderful Doreen Cronin, in which a dog narrates this picture book about wiggling the various parts of your body.  Can you see where this is going yet?

In between wiggling where your tail would be and wiggling your hair, my precious little boy, my baby, stated in a loud, high-pitched voice, “Wiggle your penis!”

Yes, everyone heard.

Ms. Leslie gave a nervous giggle before continuing the story.  No one else said a word.  Unbelievably, no child laughed or commented or asked, What is a penis?

And my little guy?  He turned in my lap to smirk at me and then buried his face somewhere between his chest and mine.

I have never dashed out of story time so quickly before.  Will we be welcome next time?


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